Tea Forte Organic Single Steeps  Kati Cup Gift

Tea Forte Organic Single Steeps & Kati Cup Gift

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Tea Forte®, the Global Luxury Tea Brand, represents the ultimate in artisan-crafted teas. Brew authentic loose leaf tea in a deliciously simple way with the Kati® tea brewing system. Oprah's "The O List" Favorite Things Edition says "This tumbler and infuser kit makes brewing my loose-leaf varieties a cinch."  Includes a ceramic cherry blossom tumbler with integrated stainless steel infuser, ceramic lid, and a gift box of 15 Single Steeps® pre-portioned pouches of extraordinary loose leaf tea in five pleasing flavors. Truly a wonderful taste experience!
  • 3 of each blend of Single Steeps® single serve pre-portioned pouches:
Earl Grey Black Tea A timeless expression of robust Assam and bergamot.
    Green Mango Peach Green Tea The sweetness of ripe fruit, sharpened by peppermint and ginger.
      Ginger Lemongrass Herbal Tea Citrus notes balanced by cool spearmint and mellow licorice.
        English Breakfast Black Tea Referred to as the “champagne of teas”, this sought-after Darjeeling from the esteemed Monteviot Estate is prized for its delicate flavor and aroma. A bright and floral cup accentuated by natural fruity nuances.
          Chamomile Citron Herbal Tea Produced for the Japanese domestic market, this superior grade green tea is plucked in early spring. Steamed to yield a bright cup with soothing taste, fresh green vegetal notes and lively nutty tones
          • Also includes:
          • Kati® Ceramic Tumbler with innovative double wall construction that keeps tea hot and tumbler cozy to hold!
          • Stainless Steel Infuser Basket
          • Ceramic Lid to keep tea deliciously hot
          • Measures 9.75"L x 5"W x 6"H" data-layout="basic" data-width="100" data-reviews="5">
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